Rental Sales

Treat yourself and get a well maintained mountain bike thats easy to ride and easy on your wallet.  We offer our rental bikes at greatly reduced prices when the trails close.  All of our rental bikes are maintained throughout the season.  We recommend placing deposits on the bike you want as early as possible.

***Note: Trails close at the beginning of November; bikes are not available until then***

$200 Trek Superfly 20 and $250 Trek Superfly 24D……These bikes will receive a full tune-up, with any broken or fully worn parts being replaced before the final purchase.  $50 minimum deposit.

$500 Trek Superfly 5 & Cali…….  These bikes will receive new Drivetrains (front chainrings, cassette, and chain) and worn or broken parts will be replaced before final purchase.  $50 minimum deposit.

$1,500 Trek Cali SLX, Fuel EX8 29, Remedy 27; Santa Cruz Tallboy LT, 5010, Bronson……These bikes will receive a new drivetrain and worn or broken parts will be replaced.  The forks will receive new seals and oil and checked for bushing wear.  $200 minimum deposit.

$2,000 Trek Session 8….These Bikes will receive a new Drivetrain and a fork service.  All worn and broken parts will be repaired.  $200 minimum deposit.

$3,000 Santa Cruz 5010c…….These bikes receive a new drivetrain, fork service, and any broken or worn parts are replaced.  $200 minimum deposit.

All deposits are non-refundable. All bikes are first come first serve.  Waiting lists are available in any case where sales are backed out on.  Please contact us for any questions or to make a deposit.

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